Preparing for high school lacrosse

14U - 7th/8th Grade Lacrosse

The 14U lacrosse team is focused on preparing girls to play high school lacrosse.

No experience is necessary to play on this team.  New players in 7th & 8th grade typically pick up the game quickly.  Coaches will teach players skills needed to perform well at the high school level.

STICK checking is allowed at the 14U level but BODY checking, as in all girls lacrosse is NOT allowed.  "Boxing out" and contact while hustling for loose balls is most of the body contact involved at all levels of Women's Lacrosse.

The 14U team focuses much more on working together as a team.  The sum of the whole is greater than the parts. Offensive plays and zone defenses are introduced at the 14U level.  14U is fast-paced and fun!

14U Teams play:

10-12 games each season

Space City Shootout Tournament

AggieLand Tournament

Beginning of the Season Tournament

End of Season City Finals Tournament